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OCTAVIAN NEAGU, born 1965, Ploiesti, Romania. Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark since 1990.

Octavian was born in Romania 1965 and belong to the so called sacrificed generation, during the time of the cold war and the dictatorial epoch of East- Europe; His way to survive spiritually and to save himself as a human being was to Express through visual arts.
Octavian’s first conceptual art was as 5 years old: he modelled a baby-cow from the cheese his mother tortured him to eat for breakfast. Later on, as revenge, Octavian drew on the mirror his portrait as an old witch, using his mothers lipstick. Thus he was sent to an art- school everybody being convinced that he belonged there.
Never-the-less there was a mistake again; Octavian could not cope with the socialist-realism and he find himself in the year of his graduation (diploma) on the streets together with people fighting against dictatorship. Octavian’s first exhibition and the first exhibition in the streets of Bucharest was made together with the Danish artist E.A. Frandsen. Those were the weapons Octavian chose. The exhibition was taken by a modern art gallery in Lyon and Octavian have been invited to exhibit in Gallery Specta in Denmark, later to continue his study at the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen.
Well the Romanians, they expelled me anyway, so my self-exile started. Now I live and work in Copenhagen.

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