The White Period

The WHITE PERIODE reflects a moment of time pictured here by the artworks from the exhibition Exile in Gallery Specta.
The story of those works, their roots is probably selfbiographical.
A Selfbiography with the twist of being a testimony about historical events. So in this way it is a byography  belonging to a vast amound of people that simultaneousely experienced humiliation, then hope, fight and belief and finally hopeless deception.
This is un way of aproaching the question about what the White Periode reveals: it is the state that follow the state of hoplesness: the unknown,  unpredictable and unexpected future that followed the revolution. And also the mistrust and the need for hope. A paradigme change, a new world, new unknown rules, questions and no clues about answers.  All this feelings and state of mind happening in the same time.
Such the story of THE WHITE PERIODE can be revealed and interpreted.
but of course this is just un aspect of many other posible realityes.